Bath Salt Zombie: Guy Disfigures Victim, Bites Cops

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Yet another story about a guy losing it and biting people while naked comes out of Florida today, and while police say they didn't give the suspect a drug test, his behavior certainly suggests he was on bath salts or similar.

22-year old Jeremiah Aaron Haughee awoke a St. Augustine homeowner on Saturday by trashing his patio, then clambering up onto the roof and causing a ruckus while stripping down. When the homeowner came out with his son to see what was going on, Haughee pushed past them and ran into their home, where they attempted to hold him down until police arrived. However, in a show of alarming vigor, Haughee escaped their grasp and proceeded to pee on the floor before attacking the homeowner with his teeth, biting a chunk out of the man's stomach so viciously that officials say he'll be disfigured for life.

It eventually took five police officers to subdue Haughee, and that was only after he was handcuffed, Tasered, and tranquilized. He managed to bite an officer's leg in the process, which will add to his legal troubles. He was released on Sunday on a $32,000 bond but faces charges of five counts of battery among other things, three of which are against officers of the law.

Amanda Crum

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