Barnes and Noble's "No Name-Calling Month"


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Barnes and Noble joined with GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, to organize what was formerly referred to as "No Name - Calling Week" (which has been held for one week in January in past years), and upgrading the event to, "No Name - Calling Month".

Mary Amicucci, the vice president of Children's Books for Barnes and Noble, explains, "Bringing awareness to the seriousness and severity of name-calling, teasing, bullying and cyber bullying is very important to Barnes & Noble. We're pleased to be partnering with Simon & Schuster and GLSEN for such an important effort".

Unfortunately, it was only last night when yet another American teen died in a circumstance shrouded by bully- related afflictions. Amanda Cummings of Staten Island is reported to have lost her life by jumping in front of a moving bus in the evening hours earlier last week. The fifteen year old was found with a suicide note in her pocket, and enough evidence exists to suggest that her distress is the result of the relentless torment she received from classmates.

No Name-Calling Week is yet another effort entwined in the highly publicized Anti - Bullying Movement, that has kept the Nation more aware of the hardships faced by our younger citizens. Barnes and Noble reiterates the importance of these efforts at a time that may come as some comfort to the family of Amanda Cummings and has gracious added on more weeks.