Bang with Friends Returns to the App Store as 'Down'

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When hook-up app Bang with Friends launched in January as a Facebook app, they described it as "the anonymous, simple, fun way to find friends who are down for the night." The app allowed users to anonymously select which of their Facebook buddies they'd be willing to have sex with, and if the feeling is mutual then Bang with Friends would let each party know about it.

Soon, Bang with Friends had both Android and iOS apps - but not for long. In May, Apple's App Store banned Bang with Friends in a move that nobody could have been that surprised to hear given Apple's history of yanking anything sexually explicit or even sexually suggestive.

Now, a few months later, Bang with Friends is back in the App Store with a bit of rebranding. Now it's simply called "Down"

Bang with Friends' relaunch as "Down" in the iOS App Store is a quiet one - no mention of it on the official Bang with Friends Twitter or Facebook pages. But there's no mistaking its return.

The updated app from Bang with Friends Inc. features a 17+ age rating and doesn't have any mentions of the word "bang" or anything. No, to pass Apple's puritanical App Store requirements, "Down" had to be discreet. Now, users are "Up to hang" instead of DTF.

It's at least possible that the name change had something to do with the recent lawsuit that Words with Friends creators Zynga filed against Bang with Friends for trademark infringement - but the Bang with Friends name hasn't changed anywhere else. It's likely that this was simply their way of working their way back into the App Store.

Bang Hang away, people.

Image via Bang with Friends

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