Baidu Receives Go-Ahead To Sue Registrar


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What with Google, Facebook, and other Web heavyweights seemingly getting drawn into courts on a weekly basis, it would make sense for Baidu to star in a lawsuit, and now the Chinese search giant will indeed become involved in another one.  Only Baidu won't have to defend itself, as the company will actually be suing its domain name registrar.

Baidu has been granted permission by United States Circuit Judge Denny Chin to sue New York-based for breach of contract, gross negligence, and recklessness.  This stems from a incident in early January that saw a Register employee (allegedly) give someone claiming to represent Baidu access to the company's account.

Following that goof, the unauthorized individual redirected Baidu's traffic to a site promoting the Iranian Cyber Army, interrupting the company's operations for about five hours.

So now, as explained in a court document provided by Domain Name Wire, "Baidu asserts that Register committed gross negligence by failing to follow its own security protocols, and permitting the intruder to gain unauthorized access to Baidu's confidential and proprietary account information."

The Chinese company's seeking unspecified damages as a result.

Fortunately for people with little patience, we shouldn't have to wait long to find out what'll happen next; a pretrial conference is scheduled to take place on August 11th.