Bad Lip Reading Releases New Video For The NFL


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NFL players and coaches have been spotlighted again for another round of bad lip reading. The hilarious clip has been renewed just in time for the end of the playoffs as all of the NFL fans prepare for the upcoming Super Bowl.

The NFL has already been given the special treatment of having their players and coaches' finest moments changed to hilarious moments thanks to the Bad Lip Reading Youtube channel.

The people that run the Bad Lip Reading channel have remained anonymous, but along with their two hilarious clips about the NFL, they also have several others.

The NFL clips do not have to be seen by fans of the NFL to be enjoyed either, as they do not relate to football at all, and simply show the players and coaches saying absurd things.

The latest video from the Bad Lip Reading channel featuring the stars of the NFL runs just under 4 minutes, and it is worth every second. It can almost be guaranteed that everyone will be laughing at some point during the video.

The newest NFL clip features the biggest stars playing right now, and even some that will be featured in the upcoming Super Bowl. The Super Bowl will feature the top offense and the top defense with this year's match-up between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos.

Some of the leading quarterbacks are featured saying some outrageous things such as Peyton Manning, who lists things that gross him out, and Colin Kaepernick, who talks about his time as a secret agent.

Jim Harbaugh is featured hilariously running down the sideline and speaking nonsense just like he did last year, and he has a history of getting on the field during games. He also talks about how he would kill Dracula if he ever went to Transylvania.

For those that somehow missed the exciting and hilarious clip that the whole world was laughing at for months, check out the first Bad Lip Reading of the NFL that was published to their Youtube channel around this time last year.

Image via Youtube