Awesome Characters (And Coco) Made From Words


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Have you every heard that saying that the pen is mightier than the sword? well, what if those words you wrote were used to make characters that kick serious butt? That is what we get with these new art pieces.

Artist Josh Mirman has created very vivid characters using the words found from each of them. The Mario one features words like Mushroom, Plumber, and Goodguy. While Mega Man features words like Charge Shot, Blue Bomber, and Protoman. By far my favorite though is the Conan O'Brien one. It features words like Pale Force, Go Team COC, and SNL.

Check out the stuff below and hit up Josh's website where he has other great characters like Leonardo the Ninja Turtle and Mario and Luigi together and also his Society 6 page where you can buy some select items:



Mega Man


Conan O'Brien


The Count