Australian Swimmer Getting Flack For Twitter Bikini Picture


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Stephanie Rice is a 3 time gold medal winner for the Australian swim team. She also has an awesome swimmers body. So i'm pretty sure that she didn't see the backlash coming when she posted a picture of herself on twitter wearing a not-too-skimpy bikini. After all, she wears a swimsuit for a living!

A commenter on Business Insider couldn't understand the outrage because the volleyball team wears bikinis that actually show more skin than Stephanie's does.

She has done a lot of modeling to promote the swim team but it is confusing why this photo is causing such an uproar. Possibly it's because she is posting them on her personal account.

The blowback by some Australians is so bad that a few are actually calling for her to be dropped from the team.

Other people just don't really care: