AT&T's 9/11 'Tribute' Becomes Social Media Faux Pas

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AT&T has been forced to apologize for a series of social media posts regarding 9/11 that many called tasteless, tacky, and altogether repulsive.

One must wade cautiously into the waters of anything 9/11-related, even 12 years after the terrorist attacks that shocked the world. For many, the wounds are still fresh and any attempt to capitalize on the significance of the day to, I dunno, promote your own product will be met with a loud chorus of groans. AT&T sure stepped in it with this tweet posted early Wednesday afternoon:

AT&T posted the same image and "never forget" message to their official Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The backlash was quick, and severe.

"You are using 9/11 to advertise your product - you should be ashamed," said one Twitter user.

"Who at AT&T though this was a good idea?" tweeted another. "Words fail - just a terrible decision."

AT&T quickly removed all of the posts from their various social media accounts and tweeted an apology:

Not the most offensive thing in the world - but definitely not a great idea. Come on, AT&T. You should've seen this one coming.

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