Ask LeBron James Questions Tonight With #lebrondecision

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Tonight’s the night; LeBron James will hold numerous cities around the country hostage with the anticipation of his decision. He’ll announce his choice via an ESPN special aptly called “The Decision”, which airs at 9 PM ET... oh, did we mention, he'll be answering your questions via Twitter tonight?

What question do you have for LeBron James? Tell us.

Earlier this week James joined Twitter and quickly amassed over 300K followers. I guess James saw the power of Twitter, as he's incorporated the famed microblogging site into the show tonight. You’ll be able to ask him questions tonight via the #lebrondecision hashtag and he'll answer some during "The Decision".

Good Morning! It's your chance to ask me a question about my decision, use #lebrondecision to submit and I'll answer them tonight.less than a minute ago via web

Our apologies to whomever has the trivial job of screening through the thousands of “sign with my teamMJ is betteryou’re no Kobe” kind of Tweets that will surely be sent.

With the mass hysteria surrounding James’ free agency, Twitter was already doomed once he picked a team. Add in the possibility of having a question answered by the King himself and Twitter might as preemptively put up the Fail Whale, because he surely will make an appearance tonight.

Do you think Twitter will be able to handle all  the extra #lebrondecision traffic? Let us know what you think.