Ashlee Simpson Honeymoons In Bali With Evan Ross

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Ashlee Simpson is enjoying married life with her new husband, Evan Ross.

The other Simpson sister and the son of music icon Diana Ross are in Bali for their honeymoon. They really seem to be enjoying themselves and recovering from their wedding.

The lavish ceremony, which took place at Diana Ross' Greewich Connecticut estate, hosted over 200 people and was beautiful, according to Diana Ross.

"The wedding went perfectly. We had a beautiful rainbow surrounding us, loving family and friends, great music, and great speeches from loving and caring friends, and joyful children dancing the night away."

Sounds like a fun wedding!

Diana Ross also officiated the wedding and planned it with the help of a professional wedding planner.

People came from all over for Ashlee Simpson's wedding.

Ross said, "I thank everyone who supported us on the spectacular day and our neighbors who were kind enough to let us have fun. We had great friends that traveled from Norway, London, Switzerland, and from all over the world. Wishing Evan and Ashlee congratulations."

She said of her son and new daughter-in-law,

"I want only love, happiness, and joy for my son and his bride."

Happiness and joy should come pretty easy for two newlyweds, like Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, alone and free in Indonesia!

Photogs captured some sweet pictures of the couple having fun and relaxing.

So, I guess they weren't totally alone, then...

One shows Ashlee Simpson in a pretty one piece cut-out swimsuit and a straw hat posing for her love.

Another is a shot of both Ashlee and Evan catching some rays with Evan sporting trunks only and a hat.

Congratulations to the newlyweds and may their happiness last forever.

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