Artist Successfully Funds Kickstarter to Go Around the Country Painting Sears Stores

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For everyone bitching about the recent co-opting of Kickstarter by the privileged elite, you know, well-established Hollywood players using the crowdfunding site for their new projects - take this as a counterpoint. This is the best use of Kickstarter in its purest form. This is beautiful.

Pop artist Brandon Bird simply asked for $8,000 to travel the country painting various Sears stores. And he got it.

"One of the themes I've returned to in my work every now and then is Sears...I guess I like the fact that Sears can be completely unique, while also being nearly indistinguishable from any other Sears in any other part of the country (the inherent contradiction of Sears)," says Bird.

If it's possible for you to love this project any more, please watch his Kickstarter video, a wonderful parody of the trailer for Terrence Malick's Tree of Life.

"The budget is to pay for gas (8,000 miles @ 30 mpg x $4/gallon), lodging (approx. 30 nights averaging $80/night), vehicle maintenance, food, art materials, and a traveling assistant (joining me will be the multi-talented Erin Pearce, sewer of things, maker of bugs), plus the cost of making & mailing prints and postcards. If the project goes over the minimum, that opens up the possibility of renting a gallery for a Sears show and public reception. If does really well, perhaps visiting Sears stores in far-off locations like Alaska or Hawaii, or expanding the trip into fall *and* spring legs," says Bird.

For 8 lucky backers who pledge $1,000, Bird will give them original oil paintings of a Sears. Hurry up, as 7 of the 8 pledge spots have already been filled.

The Kickstarter project currently sits at $8,515 out of $8,000 pledged, with 22 days to go.

[Image via Bird, Kickstarter]
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