"Arrested Development" Has Some Surprises In Store

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"Arrested Development", the Fox show about a wealthy family of self-obsessed, out-of-tune-with-reality Californians, will be coming back to us soon via Netflix, with several new episodes chronicling the adventures of each family member. Luckily, each original cast member has agreed to come back, and several key characters will be showing up, as well.

Henry Winkler, who played attorney Barry Zuckercorn, will be joining the Bluths, as will his former "Happy Days" co-star Scott Baio, who plays Bob Loblaw. Judy Greer will also be making an appearance (hopefully she's gotten some surgery to repair the wonky breast enhancement she displayed in several episodes), and narrator Ron Howard recently gave away that he'll be onscreen this time around.

"I don't think I'm giving away too much to say I'm going to wind up on camera in the new 'Arrested Development' episodes," Howard said. "I'm a little nervous. I have to shoot my first scene next week and I realized it's been really a hell of a long time since I memorized any dialogue."

Knowing the show's writers, they'll more than likely have several more surprises in store for us. After six years of constant love and faithful admiration, we deserve them.

Amanda Crum

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