Arnold Schwarzenegger Surprises In Super Bowl Ad

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The teasers for the upcoming Super Bowl commercials in February have started airing on TV, and one of them features Arnold Schwarzenegger. "The Governator" will appear in a number of ads to promote Bud Light beer.

Schwarzenegger, who spent most of the 2000's in office as California Governor, has made ad appearances overseas, but has stayed clear of doing U.S. advertisements. It took a reported $3 million paycheck to convince him to suit up for the ad.

In the teaser, dubbed ‘The Perfect Beer for Whatever Happens,’ Schwarzenegger surprises us as a wig wearing ping pong player, getting ready to do battle. We can only guess at what the 66-year-old megastar will do when the full ad airs during Super Bowl XLVIII.

Budweiser is known for delivering some of the most memorable and expensive commercials during the Super Bowl. This year will be no different. A 30-second slot of Super Bowl airtime is priced at $4 million, nearly 50 percent up from 5 years ago. Last year it was $3.8 million. The company’s marketing director, Paul Chibe said the television audience is the largest of the year and “it’s an unprecedented opportunity” that the company wants to take advantage of.

“We have a game plan in place this year to deliver creative that celebrates Bud Light and Budweiser while reaching loyal beer drinkers and new generations,” Chibe said.

As usual, this year's Super Bowl will have ads featuring a myriad of stars. A-list celebs like Scarlett Johansson will be featured in an ad for SodaStream International Ltd and soccer star David Beckham will appear in an ad for  H&M. Beckham's ad will even allow viewers to instantly order the underwear he is featured wearing.

Schwarzenegger is not the only star being featured by Budweiser. The company has confirmed that comedian Reggie Watts, and actor Don Cheadle have also been commissioned for its Super Bowl ad campaign.

The Super Bowl and its commercials will air on Feb. 2.

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