Arnold Schwarzenegger Lands Deal For Super Bowl Ad


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It appears that Arnold Schwarzenegger just doesn't know when to quit. He certainly is not in need of the money, although he just agreed to a huge deal for one ad that will be aired during the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is coming up soon, and with four teams remaining in the NFL playoffs, it is down to the Patriots, Broncos, Seahawks and 49ers.

Arnold Schwarzenegger did not want to have to miss out on the action, and he has signed a mega deal for Bud Light, and will be paid $3 million for the ad.

It is well-known that during the Super Bowl is the best time to air the best advertisements, and some people even claim to watch the show because of how good the advertisements are. A handful of celebrities are often known to include themselves in ads during the ceremony.

In addition to Arnold Schwarzenegger, several other big name celebrities will be seen in ads during this year's Super Bowl including Laurence Fishburne, Danica Patrick, Scarlett Johansson, David Beckham and Ben Kingsley.

The former California governor has three films that are set to come out in 2014, including The Expendables 3, which released its trailer last month. He will also give his take on the issue of global climate change during the upcoming Showtime series Years Of Living Dangerously.

Schwarzenegger is set to appear in a humorous ad for the popular beer that sponsors many NFL games, despite having a personal focus on health and fitness, and even being a former bodybuilder.

The ad is a big deal for the Terminator star and former California governor, who has not done ads in the United States before. A source close to Arnold Schwarzenegger said of the ad, "Arnold has shot a series of ads in Japan [a trick used by celebs who want to cash in but without looking greedy at home] but pretty much hasn’t done anything in the US. Persuading him to promote a beer is a big coup for Bud Light."

With advertisers spending $4 million for a 30 second slot on Fox Sports during the Feb. 2 game, it is no surprise that Arnold Schwarzenegger and several other celebrities are wanting to get involved.

The Bud Light ad feauting Arnold Schwarzenegger is titled "The Perfect Beer for Whatever Happens," and will air during Super Bowl XLVIII with two corresponding “Epic Night” commercials featuring an array of celebrity surprises.

Image via Wikimedia Commons