Apple Smart Watch Skips Today's Event, Low Yields Rumored


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So, Apple's big fall iPhone event is over. The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C were everything that the leaks and rumors held they would be. The only surprises of the presentation seemed to be the gaudy iPhone 5C cases and the Elvis Costello set.

Though there were not surprises, the event was also missing a few things fans who kept up with rumors might have been hoping for. The long-rumored Apple HDTV, of course, was absent. New iPad announcements aren't expected until later on this fall. The rumored Apple smart watch also failed to make an appearance. With Sony now on a new generation of its smart watches, and Samsung now selling the Galaxy Gear (pictured), Apple fans have to be wondering where their wearable Apple tech is.

DigiTimes today reported that Apple's upcoming "iWatch" is still in development, but that manufacturing issues may have played into its absence today. However, the report cites only "talk in the Taiwan supply chain," making the rumor even more spurious than the average DigiTimes report. Still, the Taiwanese publication is hearing that yield rates for the device are hanging around the 30-40% range, far below the rates Apple would need for a worldwide launch.

Since the Apple smart watch is was missing at today's presentation, rumors now put the device's launch somewhere in late 2014. The latest speculation puts the "iWatch" price at around $150 to $230.

(via DigiTimes)