Apple & Cisco Team Up to Offer Cybersecurity Insurance

Apple and Cisco are forging a new path in their partnership. The two companies announced on Monday that they are working with insurance company Allianz and Aon, a premier risk evaluator, to assist their customers in having the best cyber protection around.

The goal of this new endeavor is to provide businesses a practical way to deal with cybersecurity risks caused by malware and ransomware. And what better way to do this than by integrating the best in cyber insurance and security technology, the most secure devices, and the premier experts in cybersecurity domain.

It should be emphasized that Apple and Cisco are not directly selling insurance, but their deal with Allianz and Aon will ensure that businesses can avail of improved conditions in their cyber insurance coverage. This could mean lower, or even zero, deductibles. But for a business to avail of such a package, it has to be using specific Apple hardware and Cisco’s Ransomware Defense platform.

Allianz reportedly found that that the two companies’ products can provide businesses with a “superior level of security.” Apple has confidently pointed out that the amalgamation of its software, services, and hardware in its iOS devices ensure that it has some of the most secure products on the market. Meanwhile, Cisco boasts of a platform that can block malicious internet websites. It also has email security and endpoint protection.

On Aon’s part, its cybersecurity experts will assess the current security environment of its prospective clients and make recommendations on how to shore up their cyber defenses. And in case businesses who participate in this deal are attacked by malware, they will have access to Aon and Cisco’s Incident Response teams.

This is not the first time that Apple and Cisco partnered up. The two companies worked together in 2015 when Cisco enhanced its software and networking gear for iOS devices and apps. This led to a number of optimizations for iOS 10 that gave iPad and iPhone users a smoother time on Cisco apps.