Apple Announcement at WWDC 2012: Twitter Reacts

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Apple announcements at the WWDC 2012 are currently underway, which you can follow by sticking extremely close to our live coverage of this morning's keynote. Not surprisingly, the company's legion of tech-savvy followers have practically been foaming at the mouth in anticipation for things to come.

Following an opening presentation from none other than Siri, who went on to wow those in attendance with her razor-sharp sense of humor ("How many developers does it take to change a light bulb? None. That’s a hardware problem."), Tim Cook announced that the Apple store currently has over 400 million user accounts, and has approximately 650,000 apps in the store. Of that number, 225,000 of them have been finely-tuned for the iPad.

After a video singing the praises of the Apple Store and its many accomplishments, the company began to dish on a series of new products that will soon be available for mass consumption, including a new generation of MacBooks, which feature no optical drive or wired networking. This announcement is sure to be the tip of the iceberg, as Apple is expected to discuss the highly-anticipated iPhone 5 at some point during today's keynote.

What have Twitter users thought about the WWDC thus far? You can sample some of their thoughts, feelings, and knee-jerk reactions to the announcements below. Check back later for even more posts, as I'm sure people will keep feeding their opinions to the micro-blogging site as the day progresses.