AP Men's Basketball Top 25: New Poll Out, Where Does Your Team Stand?


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It's the start of a new week, and all the basketball fans know what that means, right? It is time for a new poll showing everyone the AP Men's basketball teams, and how they are all ranked.

There was not a lot of movement this week, but certainly some, and while the top two teams remained undefeated, the top ten was shaken up some.

The thing that really screwed things up was when Louisville lost to North Carolina, sending them from #3 down to #9, and allowing for several other teams to jump ahead of them.

The latest poll was released today, which features Michigan State at the top, followed by Kansas and Kentucky.

Michigan State came into the season ranked #2, and beat Kentucky who was the top-ranked team at the time on November 12, in order to move into the #1 spot. Kansas has also looked very good all year, and is currently undefeated behind their young star, Andrew Wiggins.

The AP college basketball was shaken up most in the middle of rankings when VCU, Memphis, and New Mexico all lost. UMass was also the team that was able to take down the #25 ranked New Mexico, and remain undefeated with wins over LSU, Nebraska and Boston College.

Michigan State won on Saturday, which secured them as the winners of the Coaches Vs. Cancer Classic, defeating Oklahoma with a score of 87-76. The Big Ten looks to be a dominant force in college basketball once again, as Wisconsin and Ohio State are both currently ranked in the top ten, along with the Spartans.

After the Big East was broken up at the end of last season, it is hard to keep track of what teams are in each conference. As the season progresses, that may become more clear, but the biggest change that fans will see is the fact that former powerhouses in the conference, Syracuse and Pittsburgh, have now entered the ACC.

Some people would argue that the ACC was already one of the tougher conferences to play in with both Duke and North Carolina, and maybe the toughest. When Syracuse, currently ranked #8 in the nation, and Pittsburgh, are thrown into the equation, it almost creates a super conference that would be intimidating for any team to play in. It will certainly be interesting to see how things play out by the end of the season.

The AP men's basketball top 25 has been updated for this week, and features many of the same teams that we have seen all year, with not a lot of change. With big tests for top teams occurring all the time, that is likely to change at any time though.

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