AOL Launches Advertising Hub For Politics


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AOL has launched AOL Advertising Politics hub aimed at campaigns, advocacy groups and companies looking to target audiences online.

Online display advertising has become a key factor for political campaigns. With the Supreme Court ruling earlier this year lifting the restrictions on political ad spending from corporations, companies can now join campaign and issue advocacy groups in influencing voters online. AOL hopes to capitalize on the upcoming November elections.

The Politics hub will help political marketers figure out how to structure their online campaign from using display advertising to help fundraise, build name recognition, organize operations, persuade voters, respond in real time to negative coverage, get the vote out, or educate voters about issues related to the race.


"AOL has positioned itself to be the go-to resource for political marketers needing to reach their constituencies through our ability to reach target audiences at scale with our comprehensive set of innovative, highly-targeted products," said Jeff Levick, President, AOL Global Advertising and Strategy.

"Our Politics hub lets campaigns and issue advocacy groups take their messages directly to voters and key influencers in a proactive way through display advertising, and we make the on-boarding process something that is simple, easy and intuitive."

The AOL Advertising Politics hub includes:

*Ad Desk for Politics- A "how-to" guide for political targeting via AOL's display advertising platform.

*Display University- A microsite to help marketers build their first campaigns and improve existing ones.