Anthony Bourdain Live-Tweets iCarly, Because Someone Had To

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The Nickelodeon show iCarly ran for an impressive 109 episodes, and during that time nobody really asked the hard-hitting questions. I mean, does Spencer have a job? Besides hanging out with underage girls?

That question and more were posed by Travel Channel star and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain last night during a wonderful little Nickelodeon live-tweeting session. Why would Bourdain tweet out his concerns with iCarly to his 1.2 million followers? Because Twitter is awesome, that's why. And this is precisely the reason.

And yeah, speaking of Nickeloden shows. What's up with Marvin Marvin?

Not quite as awesome as his Paula Deen Twitter rant, but more great stuff from the always entertaining Bourdain.

Josh Wolford

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