Anonymous Leaks Romania's Nuclear Department Database


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As Romania is engulfed in massive protests over their government’s perceived incompetence, a branch of Anonymous has leaked the nation’s National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering database online.

Anonymous has posted a video in support of Romania’s protests. There is no mention of the database leak, instead focusing on the fight to replace their government. They throw their support behind the citizens and claim that they are going to fight for them.

You must acknowledge the fact that bringing down one man, and choosing another will not solve your problems. This will only perpetuate the political circus that has been unfolding in front of your eyes for 22 years. You must acknowledge the fact that your entire political class is corrupt and does not serve the interest of the people, as it should.

Many of you know that the world is changing, many of you feel that inside. Do not loose hope, for anonymous is by your side. We must stand united against our governments and make our voices heard, for we are the people of the world who want to put an end to the economic and monetary enslavement.

We've not been able to contact the Romanian branch of Anonymous to get a statement, but we’ve asked a few other branches of Anonymous for their take on it. Anonymous Sweden speculated that the leak was to “show disclosure on safety issues.”

Various Anonymous twitter feeds have been linking to the database, but we won't as the database does contain sensitive information with a decryption tool that allows people to easily access the information.

Anonymous has also reportedly attacked a Romanian government Web site for not providing support to the children of Romania. A hacker group going by the name of “lulzcart” sealed the Web site and put an image on the index detailing the take down.


Anonymous has thrown their weight behind pretty much every protest that has happened in the past year from Egypt to Occupy Wall Street. This might be, however, the most controversial data dump yet. People, myself included, tend to become uneasy when national nuclear research is made available for everybody to see.

We'll keep you updated on everything Anonymous as they happen.