Anonymous Creates MegaUpload Replacement


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After the MegaUpload shut down and every other file sharing service backing down, surely nobody would be trying to start up a new file hosting service, right?

Anonymous couldn't care less and threw caution to the wind by announcing Anonyupload today. The site is billed as being, “100% Free - No Advertising - 100% Anonymous.”

They are asking for help from users, however, to help them buy server and disk space. They also want to ensure the quality of the service, safety of the users and rapid transfer. The main reason behind the new service is the “sharing of knowledge and culture free and accessible for all.”

They also send a special thanks to Kim DotCom, founder of MegaUpload. They say, “Thank you mister Dotcom for the service for several years. We hope you’ll release as soon as possible.”

For those worried about the safety of the site, they claim that their infrastructure is set outside of U.S. jurisdiction in Russia.

They hope to launch the service within three days.

I don’t think anybody expected this, but we should have seen it coming. Anonymous is becoming more than just an activist group. They are slowly emerging as a brand that is inseparable from the Internet and has become a part of it.