Anonymous: DDoS Trick "Reprehensible"


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Anonymous doesn’t take too kindly to people messing with their image and they’re looking to find those responsible.

If you remember earlier today, we wrote about a dirty tactic that would make hapless bystanders responsible for the DDoS attacks that took down multiple Web sites yesterday during #OpMegaUpload.

Now Anonymous is saying that this was not their intention and does not endorse the use of such tools. They want everybody who uses a DDoS attack to know what they are doing and the legal ramifications of such a move.

Tricking users into DDOS is reprehensible. Attacks must be voluntary to maintain moral high ground: #opmegaupload 27 minutes ago via Bird Herd · powered by @socialditto

Efforts to dox the asshats responsible are already underway. You will be found, and will regret this foolish prank. 26 minutes ago via Bird Herd · powered by @socialditto

They do, however, say that those who were unwittingly contributing to the DDoS attacks yesterday did not make up much of the traffic attacking Web sites.

Let's be clear - users of JSLOIC contributed little if any to DDOS of yesterday. It's a toy. #opmegaupload 15 minutes ago via Bird Herd · powered by @socialditto

We'll have more on Anonymous as this story will obviously develop over the weekend with their threats of #OpGlobalBlackout.