Annie Lennox and David Stewart Reunite as Eurythmics


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It's wonderful when music groups get back together, especially since it doesn't happen everyday. Whether they're reuniting for for financial reasons, for the fans or just because, it gives older fans a chance to relive the past a little and it gives younger folks a chance to witness why certain groups were popular in the first place.

So better believe when Ken Ehrlich--the producer of the Grammy's--announced the return of the Eurythmics, you could almost hear the excitement from the group's homeland of England, all the way to the United States.

Although members Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart still play together from time to time, Ehrlich said it was important to recruit them for the Beatles' special that he's producing, entitled "The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute To The Beatles." It'll be pre-recorded one day after this year's Grammy's.

"When it came around to booking this show, what I felt was important was to try and find those artists who not only would be able to interpret Beatles songs, but would also have an understanding of what they meant," he said.

In addition, Ehrlich said the Beatles' special had to capture just what the band meant to the world, which is why he wanted to book people that were influenced by John, Paul, Ringo, and George--since just about anyone who's played music was influenced by them in some way.

"They really did change people lives," said Ehrlich. "So what I'm hoping this show gets across is the message that occasionally in history we are touched by certain artists who have a profound effect on us beyond just the music that they make."

The Eurythmics were formed 34 years ago and released their first album "In the Garden," back in 1981. But it wasn't until 1983 when the group released "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" that the band saw huge commercial success. Both Lennox and Stewart have went off to have pretty successful solo careers since breaking up, but it's quite obvious they'll always be loved for the work they did as a collective.

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