Anne Heche Signed On To 'Michael J. Fox Show'


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Anne Heche, perhaps most well-known for her psychological issues and mid-level roles, has reportedly signed on to play the professional rival of Michael J. Fox in the upcoming "Michael J. Fox Show'.

Heche, whose previous show 'Save Me' aired its finale in June, will return to NBC for the project. She will play the part of Susan Rodriguez-Jones, a rival news anchor to Fox's Mike Henry.

While the show will unlikely break from the traditional sitcom formula, it will have the added angle of focusing on a main character afflicted with a serious disease. Fox, who has made his battle with Parkinson's disease well-known, will be playing a man returning to his job in spite of his condition and with the support of a loving family.

While the show may not break new ground or bring anything new and exciting to the television landscape, it will show that individuals with conditions like Parkinson's are just as able to contribute to society as someone in perfect health. Not to mention that Fox is one of those celebrities that everyone likes to cheer for because of his positive outlook and work to raise funds for Parkinson's research.

With Heche added to the cast, the show adds another well-known name. Whether or not her addition will add to the show's success will not be known until it premiers in September.