Anna Paquin Has Healthy Human Twins

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Anna Paquin may play a faerie on TV ( a faerie who loves vampires, no less), but she's just given birth to some very human, healthy twin babies.

Husband Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire Bill on "True Blood", has two children from previous relationships but says he's ecstatic to add on to his family.

“I love my kids beyond anything,” Moyer said.”They’re the best things ever, and having two more is just going to be even more crazy, but that’s cool!”

The babies were born a few weeks early--multiples often don't gestate as long as a single baby--but are perfectly healthy and resting comfortably with their parents. The couple can count on lots of support from their friends and co-stars, including Sam Trammell, who plays Sam Merlotte on the HBO show. He has twins, himself.

“It’s harder, having twins, but it’s all we know. So we’re trying to impart some decent wisdom,” Trammell said. “I told them to hold on tight!”

Amanda Crum
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