Angry Birds Star Wars II Launches September 19


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Are you one of the millions of players that enjoyed Angry Birds Star Wars? Do you have an affinity for the Star Wars prequels? If so, you're in for a treat this September.

Rovio and Lucasfilm announced today that Angry Birds Star Wars II is real, and that it's coming September 19 to a mobile device near you. The sequel to last year's mobile hit will take the Star Wars-themed avians back in time to relive the events of the Star Wars prequels.

The temptation for a lazy sequel is great, but Rovio will instead be trying out some new things in the sequel. For starters, they will be partnering with Hasbro for what it calls "telepods." In short, they're physical toys that players will scan into the game to unlock extra characters. Rovio says that there will be over 30 toys to collect.

The other change is that Angry Birds Star Wars II will allow you to play as the bad guys. Rovio is inviting players to "Join the Pork Side." It looks like the gameplay will remain largely the same with the trailer below showing the bird version of Darth Maul tossing his lightsaber at a bunch of bird Jawas. I would have liked them to create a Star Wars version of Bad Piggies instead, but that can perhaps wait for another time.

You can check out some gameplay below alongside a look at the new telepod system:

Angry Birds Star Wars II launches September 19. As we draw closer to launch, Rovio promises to reveal more details regarding the game, including the "Pork Side" gameplay. It also says it will be launching Return of the Jedi themed levels in the original Angry Birds Star Wars soon.