Angela Coates' Sexy Mugshot Goes Viral


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Angela Coates' mugshot has gone viral!

Caotes, the former Jet magazine “Beauty of the Week,” was arrested last month in Dekalb County, Georgia for disorderly conduct.

Her mugshot, which shows her with perfect makeup and hair, has since gone viral with thousands of people talking about her beautiful looks on social media. Several users even offered to pay her $360 bail even though she was released the same night she was arrested.

"I actually didn't even go into jail-jail. I didn't even get into one of the orange jumpsuits. I was in holding for about 13 hours. It was kind of funny, but at the end of the day it's still very serious to me, because I take my career very serious and my life very serious. It was the worst experience, it really was," the 22-year-old glamour model told Inside Edition of her arrest.

Angela also took to Twitter to weigh in on her arrest. "Police take advantage of their authority each and every day and people assume that since I am 'attractive' that my life is perfect," she tweeted and then added, "Well it's not I was wrongfully arrested last month by an officer who abused his authority. Good night."