Angela Bassett Dishes 'I Can't Believe I Get To Work With Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates'

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Angela Bassett opened up recently in a phone interview with Inquisitr about American Horror Story and what it’s like to work with legendary actresses Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates as part of a huge ensemble cast.

Bassett, 56, says it was the lure of working with two of Hollywood's most-acclaimed actresses that drew her to the show in the first place.

"It was one of the prevailing reasons for me to join the cast," said Bassett. "I can’t believe I get to work with Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates in a lifetime, especially at the same time. It’s wonderful. Last year most of my scenes were with Kathy and Jessica. Everyone is the ultimate professional and we have a good time. We all have an appreciation for this crazy world and the things we’re asked to do stretches us and grows us. The fact that we get to come back year after year is a plus."

Bassett joined the cast last season as Marie Laveau in American Horror Story: Coven. This season she plays Desiree Dupree, who is described as a “three breasted woman” with a “ding-a-ling,” in American Horror Story: Freak Show. Bassett says, while she's used to portraying different characters, there's a unique aspect that comes with working on a television show that is different each season.

"As an actor you’re used to putting on characters and taking them off — becoming characters and doing your research, but I think what I found most challenging about television and shedding one character and come up with another, is that there’s this lag time before I get to see what the character is looking or sounding like," said Bassett. "We start filming in July and the first episode is in October, and as an actor, you wonder if you’re getting it right because you don’t have the immediate reaction of the audience just yet. That’s the little caveat of frustration."

Pam Wright