Andy Rooney Disses Bill Gates, Don Draper Pitches Facebook Timeline & Amazon Unveils Kindle Fire & Silk

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These are some interesting times we're living in as highlighted (in very different ways by the Larry Page/Eric Schmidt and Thundercats videos below). There are so many things happening in technology and the with the Internet that Andy Rooney would have a field day with, but unfortunately his time with 60 Minutes is up. But that doesn't mean we can't look at old footage that is shockingly still relevant today. But those videos are just a few of the highlights.

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Here's the commercial for the new Amazon Kindle Fire:

Business Insider shares this clip of a demo on how Amazon Instant works on the Kindle Fire:

And here's Amazon talking about Silk, its new browser on the Kindle Fire:

Google CEO Larry Page and former CEO (current Executive Chairman) Eric Schmidt talk at Zeitgeist:

Madmen's Don Draper pitches the Facebook Timeline:

Andy Rooney is retiring. Watch this clip where he rips Bill Gates and Windows

Thundercats Meet Internet memes:

Google shares a tour of the "world's largest intact forest":

BoingBoing is pointing to this video made from old comic images found online:

Rats live on no evil star - Tree in the Green from lallali on Vimeo.

Google has launched new ways for Internet users to view Blogger blogs:

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