Android Market Reaches 100,000 Apps


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So far, Google hasn't celebrated with any public parties or press conferences.  Not even with a short press release or tiny blog post.  This morning, Google just used a Twitter account to announce the fact that the Android Market's now populated by 100,000 apps.

You can see the seven-word tweet for yourself below.  It was sent from a somewhat out-of-the-way account the Android team uses to communicate with developers.

Obviously, this is a significant moment in Android's history.  The milestone indicates that lots of consumers and developers have come to embrace Android, which is about all Google's asked of its free platform so far.

What's more - although this milestone is plenty important on its own - Google's quiet announcement could be a way of hinting that even greater achievements are on the way, considering that the Gingerbread version of Android seems ready to be released.

Of course, if anyone wants to conduct a comparison (and we know some of you will), one unofficial count puts the number of apps available in Apple's App Store in the neighborhood of 280,000.  So Google isn't king of the mobile market in this respect just yet.

Still, it looks like Google's making sure Apple doesn't run away with the lead.