Android KitKat Gets The NMA Treatment


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Last week, Google announced that its latest Android operating system would be called KitKat instead of the oft-rumored Key Lime Pie. Google said the name was chosen partly due to its employees' love for the crunchy chocolate bars. Leave it up to NMA then to turn it into a story about a laser-eye KitKat Bugdroid.

In the latest video from our favorite Taiwanese animators, NMA reports on a recent study from Google that sought to cut down on the amount of chocolate that its employees were eating. The company felt that too many of its employees were eating way too many M&Ms, and such a poor diet could lead to the employees being unhappy. They found a clever way around the chocolate obsession by storing the M&Ms inside opaque jars while leaving healthier options in clear jars.

That's one problem solved, but Google still has a hankering for chocolate. It's one of the reasons why the company decided to name its next Android version KitKat. Does that mean that we'll have an Android version named M&M in the next few years? I don't know, but I'm not entirely opposed to having candy coated shells shaped like Bugdroid.

[Image: NMAWorldEdition/YouTube]