Android Devices Projected To Surpass PC Sales Next Year


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An analysis from Asymco suggests that, as soon as next year, the amount of Android-supported devices shipped will exceed the number of PC units. Horace Dediu, who compiled the data, asserts that given the quantity of respective units shipped today, iOS and Android devices "have a combined volume that is higher than the PCs sold in the same period (358 million estimated iOS+Android vs. 336 million PCs excluding Macs in 2011)."

Below you can see the astronomical rise of Android since debuting on the market circa 2008:

And so, Dediu puts his bet on Android:

It's almost certain that next year there will be more Android devices sold than traditional PCs. 1 day ago via Twitter for Mac · powered by @socialditto

Oh, and if graphs impair your ability to learn things, Dediu put together an instructive animation of Android and iOS's insurrection of PC's long-time rule in the land of computer devices.

From this data, the trend that's catching on is that, possibly, tables and maybe even smartphones are slowly replacing home computers and laptops as the primary computer-y device that they use. How do you feel about that? If you're a tablet owner, do you find yourself using it more and more while you use your home computer or laptop less and less? Add your thoughts below.