Andrea Sneiderman Guilty Of Perjury In Murder Case

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Andrea Sneiderman, the Georgia mother of two whose husband was shot and killed outside their daycare center in 2010, has been convicted of perjury related to false statements she made about her relationship with the shooter.

Sneiderman was allegedly having an affair with her boss, Hemy Neuman, and prosecutors say that relationship is what led to Neuman's deadly shooting of Rusty Sneiderman. Neuman was convicted of the murder last year, but Sneiderman lied to police about their relationship, hindering the investigation. She has been found guilty of one count of hindering the apprehension of a criminal, one count of concealment of material facts, three counts of false statements and four counts of perjury.

Prosecutors said that Sneiderman knew about the shooting before she arrived at the daycare and then lied about it, and later lied about her relationship with Neuman while on the stand during his trial. However, the Sneiderman family's rabbi, Rabbi Hirsch Minkowicz, said Sneiderman was very vocal in her belief that Neuman had something to do with the shooting before he was arrested.

"I remember her looking at her notebook reading these names. Her voice was calm and regular, and then she came to the name of Hemy Neuman. She became very agitated and she started with a raised voice. 'I want to know about Hemy Neuman. What's going on with him.? Why has he not been in here to be investigated or to be interviewed?'" Minkowicz said.

Sneiderman is due to be sentenced today.

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