An iPhone Case That Looks Like an Ear?


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Yes, as a matter fact, there are iPhone cases that look like ears, thanks to the creative developments CollabCubed and their EARonic iPhone cases.

While these may not enhance the overall user experience of iPhone use, those who choose to add these cases to their iPhones will certainly get some interesting looks. While these may not be as awesome as the Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone case, they are still damn cool, even more when you put your iPhone to your ear.

Granted, that's not an incredible popular activity with smartphones anymore--that is, making actual phone calls--but when you do, do so in way that will make people look at you with odd expressions. As indicated, the EARonic (nice play on the word "ironic") cases are made by CollaCubed, and currently, there are five different ear varieties to choose from.

There is the Finley:

EARonic Finley

The Dylan

EARonic Dylan

The Luna

EARonic Luna

The Razor

EARonic Razor

And the Nick

EARonic Nick

All of which are available here. As for the motivation behind these sweet iPhone cases, which were designed by Daniela Gilsanz, there's a blog post that reveals more:

Daniela first came up with the idea last fall when applying to art schools. She was getting a portfolio together and while sketching some ears in her sketchbook (one of the prompts from a school) the initial EARonic mockup and portfolio piece came to be. (See spread with sketches second from top.)

Since then, we’ve improved on the original concept, photographed many an ear, and produced the actual phone cases.

Since Jobs in Carbonite is out of the question, what are your thoughts on this particular iPhone case design? Granted, these seem like they are aimed at a younger demographic--I doubt we'd see many people over 40 using them--but they do add a touch of levity to your iPhone. Considering that HTC's president intimates iPhones aren't as cool with the 20-somethings as they used to be, perhaps Gilsanz and CollaCubed should start working on Android EARonic cases.