An Early Photographic View Of Google I/O, Courtesy Of Google+

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Google has been pushing Google+ as a place for photography. It certainly helps that photographers flocked to the service pretty much as soon as it launched last year. Now, Google even has conferences for it.

Naturally, as Google I/O, the company's annual developers conference, kicks off, Google+ users are posting plenty of photos from the event. While there surely be many, many more to come (and many more already posted), here's a quick glimpse of the event before it really gets going (watch the keynote live here at 12:30 Eastern), from posts to Google's social network:

Denise Ho

Today is going to be epic. #IO12

Tune in.

Al Sutton


Breakfast is being served....

Shashank Todwal

Mesmerizing +Vic Gundotra at #io12. Very treasurous pic 🙂

Matt Steiner

We started our launch room at 5AM this morning.  Here's #Moscone   before the attendees arrive.  Viewed from the back, and viewed from the stage

Tim Bray

Like Iwo Jima, only different. #io12  

Amanda Rosenberg

3D Printers! * faints * #IO12

Tim Bray

Let’s get this meme rolling: #mandownatio   #io12  

If you like what you see so far, why not add some of these people to your circles, so you can see when they add more photos throughout the event.

Hopefully, there will be some Project Glass action going on, which could mean many more photos taken from that.

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