Amy Robach Seeks Fresh Start With Haircut

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Amy Robach, an ABC News correspondent, says she's taking control over something that makes a lot of women feel powerless.

The 40-year old journalist has been battling breast cancer since October and has undergone chemotherapy in an effort to fight the disease. Unfortunately, the treatment can be very hard on the body, causing illness, immune system issues, and hair loss. However, Robach says she's not going to let the cancer take over if she can help it. When her hair began falling out, she made a big change, and documented it on video.

"We know in our line of work that appearance is important -- and it's important to anybody and everybody, really -- and I decided I was going to take control of one thing away from the cancer, so I got my hair cut," Robach said on "Good Morning America".

Robach explains in the video that she wants women everywhere who are going through the battle to know two very important things.

"I've never done this before, but I want to say that I have something to do with how I look, not the cancer," she said. "I'm sharing this because I want all the women who have gone through it, who are going through it now, and who will be going through it, to know two things. That you're not alone and that you too can be brave."

Robach says she's gone through two rounds of chemo, with six more to go. Her new cut--while adorable--symbolizes much more than a change in her looks; it's a fresh start.

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