AMC to Hold "Breaking Bad" Marathon [Spoiler Alert]


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Only two episodes of AMC's hit drama "Breaking Bad" remain. As depressing as that is for "Breaking Bad" fans, there is a silver lining--AMC will air the entire series before the finale episode, which is scheduled for Sunday, September 29.

Seasons one through four of the marathon will air starting at 8 PM on September 25, with the season finale of season four airing late on September 27. Season five episodes will start on September 28 and will run through to the series finale start time at 9 PM on the next day. It's worth noting that the final two episodes will run 75 minutes each, in case anyone needs to adjust their DVR settings.

AMC has a breakdown of what will happen over the next week and a half and also has a special message from the president of AMC, Charlie Collier:

“We want to appropriately honor this remarkable series by delivering the ultimate, most immersive experience for Breaking Bad fans. From a five-day marathon featuring every episode across all five seasons, to an unforgettable finale rolling immediately into an expanded one-hour Talking Bad after-show, we are so proud of Vince Gilligan and everyone associated with this show, and believe this is the perfect way to send Breaking Bad from our air into television history.”

In the meantime, between airings of the finale eight episodes of season five, fans have been kept entertained with a "Walking Dead" video posted by Dean Norris (Hank) and "Joking Bad," a parody from Jimmy Fallon. Some middle school kids also created a hilarious, yet somewhat disturbing, "Breaking Bad" musical last month:

There was also the news that Saul Goodman, Walt's shady lawyer, will get a spin-off show, which makes the show's ending slightly less painful.

Aaron Paul, who plays the lovable Jesse, told fans that things are about to get "messy." It's hard to image how things can get any messier, but it will certainly be fun to watch how things play out with Walt in the final two episodes of "Breaking Bad." What do you think will happen? Post your comments below.

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