Amber Portwood Shows Off New Body


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Amber Portwood is determined to better herself since being released from jail.

She missed a lot of things while she was incarcerated, including some special moments with her daughter.

Amber claims that she has kicked her drug habit and is focused on getting her life together and raising her daughter in a stable environment.

Like many celebrities, Amber uses social networks to keep her friends updated on all the events and changes that are taking place in her life.

While Amber has always posted a lot of selfies, she has recently been showing off her newly thin body.

Although Amber claims that she has been exercising and trying to eat better, her weight loss may not be a result of either of those two things entirely. A source close to Amber claims that the Teen Mom star was abusing weight loss pills and using them to fight her cravings and her hunger.

“Amber takes a lot of diet pills at once to cut her hunger and make her feel like she is on speed, but the pills don’t show up on her random drug tests,” the source told Star Magazine.

Since Amber is under such a close watch and given random drug tests often, it's not likely that she would take the chance of getting addicted to any kind of medication, even something as common as diet pills.

Amber has said in numerous interviews that she learned her lesson in jail and never wants to go back or leave her daughter ever again.

Hopefully Amber lost the weight with diet and exercise instead of diet pills and will continue to work on her sobriety and getting her life together.