Amber Portwood Reflects On What She Missed In Prison


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Amber Portwood, one of the stars of MTV's Teen Mom, was released from prison in November after serving 17 months of her five-year sentence.

Since being released, Portwood has realized all that she missed while she was incarcerated. Amber was originally sentenced in 2012 after being charged with drug possession. While going to prison isn't ideal for anyone, it was especially hard on Amber to leave her young daughter Leah.

Now, being in the real world again, Amber has been struggling, not only to stay clean, but to mend her relationship with Leah. “I missed out on a lot of important moments,” Portwood told “I felt like I missed out on so much.”

“When I got out: she was so smart, she was talking more and she was taller,” Portwood continued. “It was crazy to me, and I did feel like I needed to make up for lost times.”

While Amber missed her daughter terribly, the feeling was definitely mutual for Leah. “She knew exactly where I was,” Portwood said. “[But when I got out], she was really excited and she told me that she knew where I was and that ‘Jesus was fixing mommy’s heart.’”

Portwood's primary focus now is to have the best relationship possible with her daughter, and not miss any more memories or milestones. “Honestly, the only thing that you can do in situations like that is spend as much time as you can with them,” she said. “And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing and just trying to spend that time that you’ve lost.”

Portwood is trying to make every day count, and is spending as much time with Leah as possible. “I wasn’t there for her first day of pre-school, but I was there for her first day of kindergarten,” she explained. “I went over there and I got her ready for school and it was amazing to be able to do something like that because you know where you could be."

“I always bring her to the park if it’s nice out,” Portwood said. “We go get ice cream. We do normal things. We’ll turn on music and dance. She loves dancing. She loves singing. And in the morning when we wake up and I’m making breakfast or something, I turn on my music and she plays. It’s nice.”