Amazon To Order 3 Million Fewer Kindle Fire Tablets


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Amazon may be preparing for the launch of the iPad 3 in a very unique way. Reports have been circulating today that orders of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet are expected to be cut to roughly 3 million units in the first quarter of 2012. This represents a 50% reduction in device shipments from the fourth quarter of 2011.

DigiTimes, citing their sources in the supply chain, claims that Barnes and Noble’s Nook Tablet will see a similar reduction in unit orders during the first quarter. The reduction in orders for both tablets reflects the slowdown in purchases of such devices after the end of the holiday season. Orders for the tablets will generally fall in the 800,000-1 million unit range.

The Kindle Fire released in November of 2011 to generally positive reviews and excellent sales. It was Amazon’s best-selling item for the 2011 holiday season.