Amazon Releases First Round of "Notable" Videos


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A story about a man and his jellyfish. Small town ruin and survival. Post-apocalyptic future. These are just a few scenarios from Amazon’s new collection of video releases

Amazon announced the release of some concept videos; a way to illustrate new movie ideas and get people excited about potentially upcoming films. Although not all of the current videos will become major movie blockbusters, Amazon says they are excited about what some of the movie ideas may bring.

A frontrunner, “Alluvion,” happens in a post-apocalyptic future in a world encompassed by water. It features a story about a character named “Desmond” born after the cataclysm. Project creator, Tito Fernandes, says much of the story is facilitated by the physical landscape which segregates people into factions.

“Small groups of people rely on their primeval instincts to survive, unaware that they are ensuing mankind's existence. The concrete islands (buildings), segregate distinct communities that live differently from one another. Food, procreation, social behaviour, believes are all self contained.”

“Yellow Sky,” a sci-fi thriller, features a story strange events in a small town. The sky turns yellow after a rainstorm and residents get infected with an infectious virus which causes them to mutate. Hector Cortez, the story’s creator, says he has a lot more to tell.

“This short film is an example of what the post-accident world of Yellow Sky would look like. It is merely a small piece of the overall story. The feature length script is in the works.”

Inspired by a series of video games, “Blockworld” is another among Amazon’s releases. It features a story about what happens to two people when they break into a high-tech game park. Jeffrey Haber says he felt compelled to impart some social commentary into his work.

“This is a surreal look at the pull of gaming and the addictive nature of technology.”

Among other of Amazon’s contenders are “Think Tank”, “Dear Roommate,” and “Seeds.” In partnership with Warner Brothers, Amazon says it will continue to provide a platform for storytellers everywhere.

“We'll be presenting our top projects to Hollywood's biggest studio for consideration as theatrical feature films.”