Amazon Has a Credit Card That Gives Prime Members 5% Cash Back

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Did you know that Amazon has a credit card that gives Prime members an extra little something for every purchase?

Probably not, as Amazon has not really advertised it or even put out a press release or anything. Re/code just spotted it last week.

Amazon has offered its Store Card since March, but recently the company added an additional perk for Prime members – 5% back on any purchases made with the card.

"With the Amazon Prime Store Card, Amazon Store Cardholders who are also Prime members receive 5% cash back on purchases. The cash back amount is automatically applied as a statement credit within two billing cycles," says Amazon.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 1.38.41 PM

You may know that Target has something similar called a RedCard, which offers 5% back on purchases (applied immediately). It's clear that Amazon had that in mind when decided to offer this new Prime card.

Just tack 5% cash back on the growing list of benefits of subscribing to Amazon Prime. It's been over a year now since Amazon hiked the price up to $99 a year from $79 a year, and every little perk it can add could help sway people to join.

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