Amanda Seyfried Proves Letterman Wrong

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Amanda Seyfried made an appearance on "The Late Show" yesterday to promote her upcoming film, "Lovelace", but the press blitz may be getting a bit repetitive. Instead of keeping the conversation strictly about the movie--in which she plays infamous porn star Linda Lovelace--Seyfried talked up her dog's talents and ended up proving Letterman wrong when he dared to doubt her word.

Seyfried brought out her Australian shepherd, Finn, and showed off his greatest trick: balancing a burger on his head.

“A dog with raw or cooked meat on its head is going to go nuts and not sit with it on its head," Letterman said dubiously when Seyfried told him about her dog's skills.

But the actress insisted he could, and sure enough, when the sandwich was placed on his head Finn stayed perfectly still and watched Amanda for clues on what to do. Keeping eye contact with him seemed to be the key, but as soon as the audience began to applaud his concentration broke and he dropped the burger to wolf it down.

Seyfried is gearing up for the release of "Lovelace" and says she's lucky to have such supportive parents.

“My dad is going to see it tonight. He’s been super supportive. I’m sitting through it with him. I’ll shield him from the boobs. I don’t want him to see me naked," she said.

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