Amanda Bynes Twitter Rant: What's True, What Isn't?


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Amanda Bynes has been known for her strange rants and ramblings on Twitter, but her most recent tweets seemed to have confused everyone, even her.

Bynes' fans were relieved when she tweeted an update that shared her diagnosis and said that she was taking her medicine and starting to feel better.

"I was diagnosed bi - polar and manic depressive so I'm on medication and I'm seeing my psychologist and psychiatrist weekly so I'm fine :D," the post said.

Just a few hours after the tweet showed up however, Bynes tweeted again and said that her friend had made the previous tweet about her illness, and not her.

"I was at a friends apartment last night and one of my friends tweeted my phone sorry guys !" she added and later deleted.

Bynes has been making a lot of strange tweets lately. Last month she claimed that her father was abusing her. She later posted another tweet that was very strange, and her way of taking back what she posted about her dad.

"My dad never did any of those things. The microchip in my brain made me say those things but he's the one that ordered them to microchip me," the now deleted tweet said.

After Bynes was placed under a psychiatric hold and again released to her parents, it looked like things were looking up for her. A few weeks ago her parents said that she was making progress and that they were happy their daughter was getting treatment and safe.

Bynes' recent Twitter rant makes it seem like she isn't making as much progress as her parents claimed or her fans hoped.

Hopefully she will get the treatment she needs and get healthy again.