Amanda Bynes Shows Up To Court In Another Wig

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Amanda Bynes is continuing on her Journey to Web Infamy this week, tweeting about broken noses and how ugly the Obamas are and showing up to court in another wig.

At least this time around the wig was brushed out. The former child star appeared in front of a judge this morning on charges of reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence and possession of marijuana after her May arrest for throwing a bong out an apartment window (she claims she never had a bong and threw a vase; she also accused one of the officers of sexually harassing her, though an investigation found no wrongdoing). Bynes was dressed casually in black sweats but wore a long, sleek, blue wig this time. The actual court appearance was uneventful, and the judge postponed her hearing for September 26.

Bynes has ramped up her odd behavior since living in New York; after making headlines last year for several arrests, hit-and-runs, and strange public appearances, she made the move from L.A. to focus on a career in fashion and to work on an album, but so far all she's done is have plastic surgery and tweet insults at other celebrities.

Amanda Crum

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