Amanda Bynes: Does She Seem Better Post-Rehab?


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It seems that for one reason or another so many child stars at some point end up in a rehabilitation center. Even more disconcerting, many of these young people are unable to overcome their inner demons.

When you think of Amanda Bynes as the funny adorable little girl on Nickelodeon's "All That" and later a quirky teen on "The Amanda Show", it's sad to think about what's happened to her.

Many mocked Bynes's very public breakdown or ignored the warning signs that something was very very wrong. Often, public breakdowns by celebrities are treated as entertaining and hilarious, the flip-side of the hateful and suspicious manner in which mental illness and/or addiction is treated in the United States.

The 27-year-old spent six months in rehab before being released to the custody of her parents.

Since her release, everyone has been on the lookout for any signs as to whether her stint in rehab has resulted in any positive changes...or whether a future breakdown or relapse is forthcoming.

Concerned about the weight she picked up during her time in rehab, Bynes has focused her time and energy on working out and eating healthy meals. Early in January, she spent a week at Miracles Fitness Retreat. The trip was reported to have cost $3,250. Her parents also routinely drop the former child star off at the gym.

In addition to trying to strengthen and improve her body, there are signs that Amanda Bynes is looking to lay the foundation for a future business. She is said to have enrolled in the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM).

Even though she'd initially shown interest in fashion designing, she's decided instead to pursue merchandise product development. Does this mean we can expect an Amanda Bynes perfume at Macy's in a couple of years? Or will she go a more unique route?

In any case, the focus and determination is encouraging. Hopefully it's a sign that Ms. Bynes has put her terrible experiences behind her.

Image via Splash News