Amanda Bynes' Case To Be Dismissed


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The Hollywood pop star will be able to deal with her issues in a much better situation than spending time in jail to deal with her reckless endangerment charge. The once famous child actress has been given the opportunity to not admit guilt to her spring encounter with the law when she was accused of smoking weed in the lobby of her Manhattan apartment building and throwing her bong out of the window when confronted by the police in her apartment on the 36th floor. Instead, she will be seeking counseling over a span of six months. this deal was made so long as she complies with the order and does not get into any more trouble. Which may be hard since trouble has seemed to find her often lately. (image)'

Like most child superstars who go astray, this is not the only thing that has put Bynes in popular view. Having been reported that she has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder and under the care of her mother, it's no surprise that she is having run-ins with the law. She has been accused of a DUI, hit-and-run, and was admitted into psychiatric care in July after she set fire to the driveway of a California home. Fortunately, recent reports are stating that after going under the care of her mother and dealing with her illnesses, she is on the right track.

While many people follow the damages of stars to see how it will end, many forget that a number of stars have fallen in the flames only to rise up and laugh in the faces of those who doubted them. Amanda Bynes has twittered on numerous occasions how everyone hates her and most headlines agree that her career is dead. People like Drew Barrymore, Brittany Spears, Todd Bridges, are all the reminders of what happens when young people experience life and life has a little fun with it. It seems like Amanda Bynes has to endure that with extra obstacles. Either way, sometime in the near future the thought of cop calling when weed is around may be an unthinkable act.

Image via Wikimedia Commons