Amanda Bynes: Bong Tossing Case Dismissed


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Amanda Bynes has had a rough few years. She went a little crazy and had a few run-ins with the law, but now things are looking up for the young actress.

A few months ago a judge told Bynes that if she was able to stay out of trouble and continued to go to her ordered counseling, he would dismiss the bong tossing case against her.

Many wondered if Bynes would be able to comply with the judges orders, but she did and on Monday, the case was dismissed.

Bynes had been charged with wreckless endangerment and marijuana possession after an apartment manager reported to the cops that she was smoking marijuana in the apartment lobby. When police arrived at Bynes’s apartment, she threw a bong out the window onto the streets.

Bynes’s attorney submitted an affidavit to the judge saying that Bynes had completed the orders and although Bynes did not appear in court, the judge still agreed to dismiss the case.

"She did her counseling and it's now all behind her," her attorney said.

Bynes received psychiatric treatment last year and was released from rehab to the care of her parents. Her parents have kept a careful eye on Bynes ever since and she is rarely seen anywhere without one of them.

Many of her fans had hoped that Bynes would recover from her problems and return to acting, but she has officially retired and seems to have no plans of returning to the industry.

Bynes was a child star and already had a successful career by the age of 13.

It is possible that she just needs a break from the spotlight and may return to acting in the near future. Right now it seems like she is only focused on getting healthy again.

Do you think she will return to acting?

Image via Wikimedia Commons