Alexis Arquette Gets 'Reckless,' Outs Will And Jada Pinkett-Smith As Gay

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Alexis Arquette is under fire for claiming that A-list couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are gay.

Following the Smiths’ recent call to boycott the Oscars because of the “lack of diversity” in its list of nominees in the last couple of years, celebrities left and right have been weighing in on the issue. While some have expressed their agreement and support, others have not been very keen about the boycott.

The 46-year-old trans sister of Hollywood actors David, Patricia, and Rosanna Arquette stirred controversy even further by posting a brief rant on his Facebook page last week. The post – which has since been deleted – alleged that Will and Jada Smith are gay and in the closet and that the only way he was going to listen to their protest was if they come clean about their sexuality.

In the post, Alexis Arquette also accused Will Smith of having sexual relations with music producer Benny Medina and that his first marriage broke down because Smith’s then-wife walked in on them engaged in a sexual act.

“When Jada comes out as Gay and her beard husband admits his first marriage ended when she walked in to him **** servicing his Sugar Daddy Benny Medina ..then I will listen to them,” Arquette said on the post.

The couple have yet to comment about Alexis Arquette’s controversial allegations, but Will’s first wife, Sheree Fletcher, has taken to social media to set the record straight.

In the four-minute video that Fletcher posted in Thursday, she directly addressed Alexis Arquette by denying that infidelity caused their breakdown of their three-year marriage.

She also called him out on making “malicious” and “reckless” claims that could potentially affect the families involved.

“Alexis Arquette, let’s just be clear: I don’t know you and you don’t know me,” said Fletcher at the beginning of the video. “For you to claim you have firsthand knowledge information as to why my marriage didn’t work out is completely out of line.”

Posted by Sheree Fletcher on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Alexis Arquette also alleged that Fletcher was paid by Will Smith to keep mum about his supposed homosexuality. “I know Will has a lot of money, but Will does not have enough money to take my voice away from me - to deprive me of my story. That wouldn’t happen,” Fletcher added.

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